S’Two Avia takes aircraft cabin safety to the next level – by tackling its every bit of volume. The technology only needs 1.2 seconds to fully secure an entire habitat in the event of a plane crash, by releasing a high-density foam that can absorb up to a staggering 100 G-Force units. This means that every person onboard becomes able to withstand the force of an F1 car crashing at its highest speed.

This anti-trauma solution not only protects every single passenger and crew member from impact and flying objects, but it does so uniformly, as each part of their body becomes evenly wrapped in a cushion that spans the whole cabin.

The system is also completely harmless, thanks to nontoxic components and a safe delivery mechanism. Strong but elastic, the foam enables normal breathing and subsides to its liquid state within 30 seconds, as the passengers emerge from it alive and unscathed.

The S’Two’s core technology is the SIAAB-2 liquid, whose unique property is an ability to expand 416 times its original volume upon contact with oxygen, within a maximum of three seconds. Optimal positioning reduces the effective window to 1.2 seconds, with two S’Two units per passenger, placed one above and one below each seat. Each is no larger than a handbag and consists in a tubular tank, containing one portion of gas and one liter of SIAAB-2 (both harmless to live organisms).

The system is reusable and easy to install at the manufacturing point of any commercial aircraft, at a total cost not exceeding that of traditional security systems. Each unit is connected to a central software that communicates directly with the flight management system at all times, ready to spring into action right before a crash. Designed for highest reliability, the software works in unison with the S’One Avia anti-explosion system, guaranteeing comprehensive, next-gen aircraft security.

Private Market 18,000 units

Commercial Market 42,330 units

Source: Airbus Boeing Embraer