Imagine a system capable of turning the entire interior of a vehicle into a single, seamless cushion, uniformly protecting every part of the passengers’ bodies in the event of a collision. Add autonomous reaction in a tiny fraction of a second and the highest G-force absorption – in a solution that’s mechanically and chemically harmless. What you get is the perfect crashworthiness system: a whole-cabin airbag conjured out of thin air, up to every inch of available space.

We call it S‘Two Auto, and we made it to save lives. In just 0.1 seconds, this anti-trauma system can fill the entire cabin of a passenger car with a special foam that can absorb up to 45 G-force units. The foam will then dissolve back into its original liquid state in about 30 seconds, freeing the unharmed passengers. In both states, the compound is completely harmless to the human body and never prevents breathing.

This system uses the the SIAAB-2 core technology, which is also used in the S’Two Avia anti-trauma solution for aircraft. The tech consists in a portion of nontoxic gas and specially designed nozzles, which quickly release the liquid-state SIAAB-2 into the air. Upon contact with oxygen, the liquid turns into impact-absorbing foam over 400 times the original volume.

The S’Two Auto’s formula is fine-tuned to road vehicles, with a higher, faster-acting concentration that also requires two times less oxygen. The positioning in a standard car is 3 + 2 + 3 units (front / middle / back), ensuring a protective volume of about 3 m3 of foam, which will fully protect 4-5 people on board. Applications in buses, trucks or trains are also possible.

The S’Two activates automatically, driven by robust custom software connected to the vehicle’s navigational systems. The system works seamlessly with the S’One Auto anti-explosion tech, creating a rock-solid, reliable, highly efficient reinvention of road vehicle safety.

Private Market 65 MM units

Commercial Market 22 MM units