Few manmade disasters are more destructive than oil spills or fuel leakages. And unfortunately, there has so far not been any reliable solution to mitigate or remedy these costly mistakes. But that can finally change with S’One Environment, our large-scale application of the revolutionary SIAAB-1 hydrocarbon neutralization biotech.

Used to prevent fire and explosions in airplanes and road vehicles, the technology turns hydrocarbon-based fuels into an inert, solid-state sandlike compound – in fractions of a second.

S’One Environment uses this property to neutralize fuel spills in seashores, rivers, lakes or oceans, with staggering speed and efficiency: 500 liters (132 gal) of S’One liquid can neutralize up to 50,000 liters of fuel, in about four hours and over an area of 11 km2 of water.

The system is built for high portability and durability, which makes it easy to install and operate on offshore drilling platforms, oil tankers, petroleum trains, or even gas stations. The S’One stores 500 liters of SIAAB-1 liquid and provides bast delivery via a high capacity compressor and a turbine. It requires little to no maintenance, and it is fully reusable throughout the many years of its lifetime.

Annual Fuel/Oil Pollution 500 MM Tons

Source: EPA.gov

Global Oil Tankers 4,420 units

Gas Stations (U.S, E.U., Canada) 291 K units

Source: oilspillprevention.org