S’One Avia does what no safety system has done before: completely removing fire and explosions from the equation of air flight. With its sophisticated but unobtrusive tech, easily implemented in any aircraft design, the S’One was built to save countless lives in the eventuality of emergency landings, plane crashes or terrorist attacks.

The system utilizes the revolutionary SIAAB-1, a biotech that almost instantly turns hydrocarbons into an inert, harmless compound that resembles a green-colored sand. When the aircraft’s navigational systems confirm an imminent crash, the S’One’s autonomous software immediately triggers a blazing-fast reaction, initiated by fusing the two-component SIAAB-1 liquid.

After immediate injection in the entire fuel system, the S’One neutralizes all the kerosene in the aircraft within only 2.2 seconds. The reaction is not only fast, but also incredibly efficient, with only one liter of S1 needed for 100 liters of fuel.

S’One is catered at a rapidly growing global aircraft supply, and the system was built with the aircraft designer in mind. With a weight of 100 kg (little more than an average passenger) and less than a meter at its largest point, it can seamlessly fit any design, from small private to large commercial jets. Easy to install at the manufacturing point, the system lasts for the aircraft’s entire life span, requiring little to no maintenance.

Most importantly, we refuse to make saving lives a luxury. While vastly superior, even combined with the S’Two Avia – our equally revolutionary anti-trauma solution – the S’One is priced not above current safety technologies.

Private Market 18,000 units

Commercial Market 42,330 units

Source: Airbus Boeing Embraer