Today we can finally cross fire and explosions off the long list of dangers in car accidents. S’One Auto is a smart biotech safety system that makes every drop of fuel incapable of exploding or catching fire – mere instants after collision, and without any human intervention. Years ago, we imagined a world where people could sit in their vehicles with full confidence, knowing the smartest of tech would be there to protect them. The S’One was one of our answers to that vision.

Every second that it spends on the road, the system continually monitors the vehicle’s motion, using highly sensitive twin accelerometers, managed by autonomous, custom-built software. Merely 0.3 seconds before a collision, the S’One triggers a blazing-fast reaction through the entire fuel supply, turning its every bit into sand-like compound that’s inert and nontoxic. The reaction takes only 0.5 seconds with a full tank, effectively making fire or explosions a thing of the past.

The entire system consists in a cylindrical tubular mechanism, weithing a total of only 1.3 Kg (2.9 lbs). As such, it can rest unobtrusively inside any common vehicle design, from small city cars to trucks or buses. Built with a highly sturdy alloy, the S’One is capable of withstanding even the hardest of collisions, maintaining its full effectiveness.

The reaction is initiated by two S1 liquids with a total volume of 900ml. These are variants of our revolutionary SIAAB-1 anti-explosion biotechnology, tweaked for optimal performance in the medium-viscosity fuels used in road vehicle engines. Combined with the S’Two Auto anti-truma system, the S’One reinvents safety on the road, at a convenient price point.

Private Market 65 MM units

Commercial Market 22 MM units