About us

“We design for humans. For those our technology will keep safe from harm, for those designing the machines our ingenuity will secure, and for those gazing, even passingly, upon the fruits of our labor. That’s why our credo is: Safety, Functionality, Spirit and Emotionality.

Our every formula, junction, component or line of code is unique and unrepeatable in its application. But each retains that signature uncompromising obsession that makes us, us.

It couldn’t be otherwise: when lives are on the stake, nothing cuts it quite like perfection.”

ABE Technologies designs and manufactures advanced safety systems for the Aviation, Automotive and Environment industries. Believing society to be as advanced as its ability to protect its members and environment, ABE Technologies does its part with advanced biotechnology, material science and engineering. The current pipeline focuses on anti-explosion and anti-trauma solutions, with an additional oil spill remediation application for the former.

The way we see it, technology is really ‘disruptive’ when it turns one era‘s biggest fears into the forgetfulness of the next. To us, a bright future is one whose children will be quite puzzled to hear that, once upon a time, airplanes used to explode, people got hurt in road accidents, or seas were poisoned by fuel spills.

This journey starts in 2006, when founder Alexander Balan created and developed the two SIAAB core techs: the SIAAB1 anti-explosion biotech, and the anti-trauma SIAAB2 system. Seven years later, extensive research and laboratory testing culminate in the proof that these technologies could be used to save countless lives.

After patenting his inventions and presenting them to acclaim at the ICAO’s Symposium on Innovation in Aviation Security in 2014, the founder proceeded to establish the company the same year. From its original headquarters in Chisinau, Moldova, the company soon reincorporates in Switzerland, to then expand in the United States in 2016, where it currently runs polygon testing and operates an in-house laboratory and manufacturing facility.

Our journey started a decade ago, with a dream of giving people the safety and confidence they deserve in this era of hypermobility. The next step is to make this dream a reality for everyone.