ABE Launch Presentation

ABE Technologies Inc., a U.S. based startup, for the first time presented to the public, regulators, and transport industry representatives with its groundbreaking safety systems, which use biotechnology and material science to remedy oil spills in a matter of hours and remove explosions and impact trauma from the equation of air and land transportation.

Disasters make headlines. Especially massive oil spills, plane crashes and car accidents. ABE startup is about to change that, with safety technology that’ll make those headlines obsolete. The technology was unveiled on May 11th, at the Carolina’s Aviation Museum in Charlotte, NC.

The guest list included prominent experts and decision-makers within the U.S. Defense, Aviation, Banking and Venture Capital sectors. Also, present was Eliane Marshall, Secretary State for North Carolina; Congressman Patrick McHenry; and Catalin Radu, Head of Aviation security at ICAO (United Nations).

Alex Balan, CEO of ABE Technologies, said: “While cars – self-driving and not – are universal and aircraft demand is skyrocketing globally, safety systems remain severely outdated. People deserve better and it’s time for a real change.”